What is Live in the Hive?

Live in the Hive is our growing platform for showcasing local talented musicians performing their original material, the sessions are usually filmed at our venue located in Leeds.
We are always about making the artist feel at home and to help promoting the artists fan base, this has lead to several exciting projects for the artists we’ve helped, involving music videos, gigs, EP releases and more.
Live in the Hive started out as a small DIY operation but as time progressed, the fan base grew. Our team couldn’t have imagined the support and appreciation we’ve received and we promise to keep delivering quality content for musicians and fans.

What we do in Live at the Hive.

Audio Production & Recording

We record and produce your live session ready for the world to listen.

Videography & Photography

Filming your session in high definition video locally or based at our venue.

Promotional Marketing

Our videos are published to the web via our youtube channel and we regularly collaborate in local events.

Recent Sessions