Music Production - Sound Design - Composition

Music Production

Our team consists of several talented producers and engineers that are always pining for the opportunity to collaborate with artists, we have professional recording equipment and great ears to really bring your songs from chords and lyrics on paper to radio quality productions matching that of big record labels. We are currently working hard with multiple clients to bring their tunes to life that we are keeping under wraps for now, until it’s time to reveal we have several previous works that you can listen too right here.


Sound Design

Our sound designers use experimental production techniques and record their own Foley to emulate any requirements for moving image.

Whether it be original soundscapes, audio levelling, dialogue replacing or anything else relating to creating a believable audio landscape that’s both realistic and complimentary to the visual accompaniment.


At Entheos we boast a handpicked collection of talented composers, working actively to score music for Games, Films and TV productions.

We are committed to working together with clients to help bring their visual narratives to life and we are always excited by the opportunity to collaborate on exciting new projects that challenge our abilities.


Music Videos | Promotional | Sofar Sounds

Music Videos

After filming several artists performing live over the years, we’ve recently begun to get more creative with our videos. We are now working on full scale music video projects with several artists that allows us to express the meaning and narrative behind the songs, letting us expand stories through visual accompaniment.

Our team are always excited by the prospect of experimenting with video storytelling and expanding our skillset with creative editing, so we are always on the lookout for ambitious music video projects where there’s the chance to express our creative freedom.


Sometimes a montage can speak volumes over a still image, we specialise in creating eye-catching promotional material using both footage and sometimes motion graphics or even a great voiceover to make your product heard! Whether it be a collage of footage from a great gig, a trailer for your upcoming film or even cinematic goodness for bringing customers to your bakery, just leave it in our good hands and you’ll be trending in no time.

Sofar Sounds

We often team up with the local Sofar Sounds team to help document special hidden gigs within the city, charting from libraries to opticians and anywhere in between, there’s always a secret gig full of incredible music going on and we’re there to record it. Come along to one, it’s an experience you won’t soon forget!